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A brand synonymous with Aussie fashion, sass & bide, is parting ways with the women who created it.

Namesakes Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke are stepping down from the label they founded in the 90s, leaving MYER to solely look after their baby.

The retail giant bought 65 % of the brand from the Sydney-based designers in 2011, then took full ownership last September.

"Both Heidi and Sarah-Jane have been slowly transitioning out of the business, and it has now reached a point where both girls feel confident that the business will go on to grow and thrive without their day-to-day involvement," sass & bide said in a statement.

New design director Anthony Cuthbertson will lead the creative team with art director Bonnie O'Hare.

The label entered the world when Middleton and Clarke set up a stall at London's Portobello Market in 1999, and scored international attention when Sarah Jessica Parker wore it on television show Sex and the City in 2002.
Sad to see these Australian designers are sadly parting from their iconic brand- Sass & Bide.
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by Box Hill Institute - ... via Facebook

So sad to hear Sarah Jane Clark and Heidi Middleton have stepped down from @sassandbide but so excited to see what's next for them #sassandbide #fashion #byegirls
by cassielongworth1 via Instagram


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