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by Brett

If you've bought a cheap USB style charger for your phone or other electronic devices you could be in danger.

The NSW Fair Trading Department has issued a warning following the death of a young Sydney woman, who was found wearing her headphones and holding her laptop with burns on her ears and her chest.  It's believed she was electrocuted.

Risky USB style chargers which aren't up to NSW safety standards 

It's feared many chargers, travel adaptors and power boards being sold at markets and in cheap discount stores are not meeting Australian safety standards.

They're often made overseas with inferior plastics and other insulation materials that are a fire risk.

Risky USB style chargers which aren't up to NSW safety standards  

Stores selling the dodgy chargers can face fines of more than $87000, while shop owners can be jailed for up to two years.

The advice from the Fair Trading team - if you have an unapproved charger laying around the house - throw it away immediately.


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