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If you pay for your Taxi fare with a credit or debit card (and let's face it, most of us do) you're being urged to be on the lookout for skimming devices.

News Limited is reporting the Fraud Squad has seized several devices from Sydney cabs this year. 

The machines illegally capture the account details and PIN codes from cards. 

One woman from Sydney's inner west had $17,000 taken from her account after her credit details were allegedly taken by a driver. 

One in every two Australian men will develop cancer in their lifetime, with blokes urged to seek medical treatment early. 

Cancer Australia says three out of the four most common cancers (bowel, lung and melanoma) are potentially preventable. 

As part of Men's Health Week (June 9-15) guys are being urged to reduce their risk by quitting smoking, being sun smart and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Women are also being encouraged to get behind their man and make sure they put aside any embarrassment of seeking medical treatment. 

The institution of marriage is under major threat.

A UK report has found almost that half of today's 20 year old's won't say "I do." 

In a trend similar to Australia, young British couples are choosing to live together rather than the commitment of walking down the aisle. 

Relationship experts are blaming a range of things including early cohabitation and even celebrity divorces. 


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