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R-Patz speaks in Sydney Live

Hollywood hunk Robert Pattinson has faced the media in Sydney, to speak about his new film, The Rover.

Our reporter Alex Bryant attended the conference and spoke to Rob.

Al "On working on Australian films, this is for you Rob.... the Australian industry has a reputation for being among the hardest working in the world, how was your experience with it?"

Rob: "I think it was a really special crew, it was quite harsh where we were but, also just having everyone on location as well and kind of no-one to my knowledge really fell out with each other, (laughs) yes it was amazing." 

Rob:"I was trying to get into Australian movies for a long time before I did this, I'm not sure why ... I think it's a confident and vibrant film industry.. and vital. I had a really great experience."

The Rover makes its Aussie debut at the Sydney Film Festival before hitting cinemas next week.





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