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Shoes .. glorious shoes! 

Retailers hope the half yearly clearance sales kicking off this week, will entice shoppers to pick up some bargains on winter goods like coats and heaters that have been left on shelves due to unseasonably warm weather.

Latest GDP figures show while Australians haven't been on many shopping sprees lately, retail spending is still steadily growing.

"[There's also been] a certain level of uncertainty around the Federal Budget too has made people a little less willing to spend their dollars," said Margy Osmond from the Australian National Retailers Association.

"But we're hoping now that there's been a bit of a cold snap in the air, everybody will be rushing in to get those bargains under their belt."

Meanwhile MYER has decided to postpone their mid-year sale until June 18, despite many other major retailers getting theirs in full swing this week.

Sydney shoppers hit Pitt Street Mall 

How much can I carry to the change rooms? 

David Jones GEO Cate Daniels & ANRA Chief Executive Margy Osmond


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