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Sydney woman accused of love scam Live

Sydney woman accused of love scam

A Sydney woman is accused of scamming millions of dollars from men she met on dating sites.

Police allege the 39 year old conned four men into giving her more than $2 million dollars from unsuspecting blokes.

Here are the charges:

* 4 counts of fraud

* 1 count of money laundering. 

She has been granted conditional bail and will be in court on June 25. 


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The Commander of the Fraud and Cybercrime Squad, Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis, says if you suspect a case of fraud, please report it to authorities.

“If you suspect you have been deceived and someone has defrauded you, please contact police immediately,” Detective Superintendent Katsogiannis said.

“Some people feel too embarrassed to report fraud matters to police, or they think there’s no need to alert us because their financial institution will reimburse them for their losses.

“In fact, it’s very important that we are made aware of all fraud cases. That way, we can make the necessary inquiries and reduce the chances of the perpetrator defrauding others.


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