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A Sydney woman accused of drink driving allegedly smashed into five parked cars AND drove on the wrong side of the road in a school zone.

Police were called to Sydney's Balmoral beach about 2.30pm on Tuesday, stopping a four-wheel drive being driven by a 66-year-old woman in nearby Mosman.

It’s claimed she refused to do a roadside breath test and was taken to North Sydney police station, where she allegedly returned a reading of 0.14.

Her license has been suspended and she will face court on June 12.



A contestant on “The Voice” has been dobbed in for having an illegal pet.

The young blonde singer Anja Nissen, from the Blue Mountains, was on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, celebrating after her big performance where she made it on to TEAM WILL-I-AM.

During the interview she was showing off her pet corn snake.

Viewers told the National Parks and Wildlife Service because that sort of snake is illegal in Australia.

It will now be removed from her care and destroyed.



Actor Sam Worthington could be hauled before a Federal probe in the US after a run in with a paparazzo in New York City.

The Lawyer representing the photographer is calling for a grand jury investigation.



Chucking a sickie could get trickier.

Australia is tipped to follow the lead of the UK and offer fit notes!

It would highlight what a patient is capable of doing while crook.


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